Host Family Application


Thank you for your interest in becoming a host family with Seattle Homestay. If you would like to become a host family for international students, please complete the online form below. Before you send this form after completion, please read our Terms & Conditions carefully. You can also print this application form, fill out and fax or mail it to us.


Fax Number: 253-835-4341


Address: Seattle Homestay

P.O. Box 25615

Federal Way, WA 98093-2615


General Information


Your First Name: _______________________ Your Last Name: _______________________


Title: __Mr. __Ms. __Mrs. __Miss. Date of Birth: _____ /______/________


Occupation: ________________ Company Name: __________________


Home Address: _______________________________________


____________________ __________________

city zip code


Telephone Numbers


Home: _____________________ Work: _______________________ Cell: ____________________


Best time to contact you:


Fax Number: ______________________ Email Address: ________________________________


Please list members of your family and other people living at home.


Name: ___________________ Age ____ Relationship to you ____________ Occupation _________


Name: ___________________ Age ____ Relationship to you ____________ Occupation _________


Name: ___________________ Age ____ Relationship to you ____________ Occupation _________


Name: ___________________ Age ____ Relationship to you ____________ Occupation _________


Name: ___________________ Age ____ Relationship to you ____________ Occupation _________


Name: ___________________ Age ____ Relationship to you ____________ Occupation _________


Do you speak English as a mother language? ___ Yes ___ No


What language do your family members usually speak at home? _____________


What are main activities or hobbies of your family? A. ________ B. _________ C. __________


Do your family have pets? ___ Yes ___ No


If Yes, What kind of pets? ______________ Where do the pets live? ___ Inside ___ Outside

Have you or any other family member ever been arrested or convicted for any criminal offense? ___ Yes ___ No


Are there any special health considerations in your family? ___ Yes ___ No



Homestay Information


How many bedrooms are available for Homestay? Shared Room ___ Private Room ___


Is the internet connection possible in the rooms? ___ Yes ___ No


Could you share your computer with the students for a short time? ___ Yes ___ No


Do you have an operating smoke alarm installed in your home? ___ Yes ___ No

How many international students can you accommodate? ___


Do you prefer male students or female students? ___ Male ___ Female ___ No Preference


Do you provide international students with Dinner? ___ Yes ___ No


Would you permit outside smoking? ___ Yes ___ No


Is your home located within walking distance to a bus stop? ___ Yes ___ No


Please write down the bus route numbers if possible. 1. _____ 2. _____ 3. _____


What is the college name which is the nearest from your home? _____________________


Would you be willing to provide airport pick up service for the students? ___ Yes ___ No


Have you ever hosted international students before? ___ Yes ___ No


Are there any comments you would like to leave to the future guests?




If you know any persons who are interested in becoming hosts for international students, please recommend them to us.


Name: __________________________ Telephone ________________________


Email Address: ____________________________________




Terms and Conditions

q       The hosts should speak English as a mother language.


q       The home should be safe and comfortable, and has warm and hospitable environment.


q       The hosts should treat the students with respect and tolerance.


q       The students should be able to arrive to their school by bus with no more than 40-50 minutes of traveling time.


q       The home should be located within 10 minutes walking distance to a bus stop.


q       The hosts should provide a clean furnished bedroom and a bathroom facility for international students.


q       The hosts should provide the students with a breakfast & dinner, but if hosts want to provide only Bed & Breakfast (B&B) you should inform Seattle Homestay of the fact at the time of application.


q       The families should be friendly and helpful so that the international students are given plenty of opportunity to practice their English.


q       The hosts should provide each student with a key into the house.


q       The host families should be willing to include the students in family activities.


q       The hosts should provide appropriate parent supervision for the students.


q       The rules under Pricing & Policy should apply as payments and refunds procedure. To enter Pricing & Policy you can just click on Homestay.


q       The hosts are strongly encouraged to provide airport pick up for the students as a mark of welcoming them.


q       Seattle Homestay recommends that the hosts provide the written house rules to ensure a mutual understanding.


q       The hosts should understand that Seattle Homestay is not liable for any damages or loss caused by the hosts or the students.


By singing below, I certify that the information provided above is accurate, and I have read and understood the terms and conditions of Host Family.




Full Name: ________________________________ Date: _____/_____/_______









Please send us a recent family photo. This is not mandatory.


Seattle Homestay will be contacting you by phone or email shortly after receiving your